Nevis is smaller of the two islands which make up the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Capital: Charlestown
Airport: Vance W. Amory International Airport
Location: Latitude 17.10 degrees North, Longitude 62.35 degrees West
Area: 36 sq. miles/93 sq. km
Population: 12, 000
Ethnic Breakdown: 94.9% Afro-Caribbean, 5.1% Mixed/White/East Indian



First Caribbean International Bank The Bank of Nevis Ltd Bank of Nova Scotia
Nevis Credit Union Royal Bank of Trinidad & Tobago (RBTT) St. Kitts-Nevis National Bank

Banks are open Monday-Thursday 8am-2pm; Friday 8am-4pm

ATM 24 Hour Service (Cirrus and Plus Systems generally accepted):
First Caribbean International Bank The Bank of Nevis
Bank of Nova Scotia National Bank
Nevis Credit Union Royal Bank of Trinidad & Tobago (RBTT)
Newcastle Airport (open when airport is open)

CABLE TV About 70 stations are available, including pay movie stations (HBO, Cinemax, The Movie Channel and Disney) for about $40 US per month.
CHURCHES There are a number of different churches on Nevis. Worship services are primarily held on Sundays and Saturdays but some churches do meet during the week for prayer and bible services. Any of the churches warmly welcome visitors.
CREDIT CARDS Most hotels, restaurants, and businesses accept credit cards, but it's best to check ahead before relying on just credit cards. Bank ATM machines will give EC funds through some credit cards.
CURRRENCY The currency is East Caribbean dollars or "EC", which can be obtained at any bank. Most stores and businesses will accept U.S. dollars or travelers' checks, but change will be given in E.C. Coins from the U.S. are not accepted—only paper bills. The current rate, which does not fluctuates, is $1 US equals $2.67 EC.
ECONOMY The economy of Nevis is based on tourism, agriculture, fishing, and the offshore industry.
( HYPERLINK "" ) The government is a significant employer in Nevis as public employment is expanded to provide jobs for its people. With the surge in up-market tourism, the private sector is expected to be the dominant employer of its human resource. Tourism development plays a major role in the economic growth of the country.
Police 469-5391 Alexandra Hospital 469-5473 Fire Services 469-5391


U.S. and Canadian citizens are required to present a passport or a birth certificate with a photo ID to enter the island. All other visitors must present a passport. Visitors may stay for a maximum of six months, but extensions may be requested at the immigration office in Charlestown. Visitors must enter with a return ticket. Departure tax when leaving the island is $20.50 US or $55 EC, which includes an environmental levy.

The official language of the island is English. The island has a 98% literacy level and its CXC and GCE results are among the highest in the Caribbean.
MONEY The East Caribbean (EC) dollar is used on Nevis. The exchange rate is pretty steady at $2.67 EC = $1 U.S. Most all stores accept U.S. cash, but many will give change back in EC. Neither banks nor stores will accept U.S. coins, only paper money. Most banks will give a cash advance on VISA or MasterCard for a $100 U.S. minimum and bank fee.
POST OFFICE The General Post Office, located in Charlestown, is open Monday – Friday from 8 am – 3:30 pm. Closed on Saturday.
TELEPHONES Nevis' modern telecommunications system permits smooth and prompt telephone, telex, facsimile, and Internet connections throughout the world. To make an overseas call, dial 3-5-5 and follow the instructions to making a call using a credit card. Land line service is provided by LIME, the telephone company. Cellular service is provided by LIME, DIGICEL and CHIPPIE. Internet service is available through LIME and Cable TV.
Nevis is on Eastern Standard Time, but does not change for daylight savings.
TIPPING Service charge of 10% is generally included in restaurant bills, but it's best to ask (and more is welcome, of course!). Hotels add 19% to their bills, including 10% service and an 9% government room tax.
TOURIST INFORMATION The Nevis Tourism Authority office is open Mon-Fri, 8:00-5 p.m. in Charlestown. Brochures about many of the island's activities and businesses are available there. For information, call 866-55.NEVIS (Toll Free) 869-469-7550.
TRAVEL AGENCIES TDC Airlines Service (Nevis) Ltd. 869-469-5238/5302 Claxton Services 869-469-5099/5155
UTILITIES Most hotels and homes use 110 volts but 220 lines are sometimes available. Check with your hotel to be sure.
WATER Drinking water is pure and safe to drink, but if you are sensitive to food and water changes, you may prefer commercially bottled water. Bottled water is sold in stores, restaurants, and hotels. Boiling water is recommended when staying in homes that use cisterns for their water supply.


The written history of Nevis begins with the account recorded by Columbus when he sailed by Nevis in 1493. The name Nevis is derived from "Nuestra Senora de Las Nieves" which means "Our Lady of the Snows," because of the cloud capped mountain reminding Columbus of snow. Prior to the Columbus saga, Nevis was named Dulcina "Sweet Island" by the Arawaks and later Oualie "land of beautiful waters" by the Caribs. Later in the 18th century Nevis became known as "Queen of the Caribees." Evidence of pre-ceramic people finely crafted stone tools and intricately coloured pottery found.

Over the years Nevis has made a number of significant contributions to the Caribbean and the World. Two men who played part in international history were Alexander Hamilton and Lord Horatio Nelson. Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of America and its first Secretary of the Treasury was born on Nevis on, January 11 1757. Nelson, Britains most famous admiral, used Nevis as a base of operations in the mid 1780's and married a Nevisian; Frances Nisbet in 1787.
Nevis continued to be part of the British colonial holdings until 1967 when it achieved Associated Statehood with St. Kitts. In 1983 September 19, Nevis became part of an independent nation and form part of the sovereign democratic state of St.Christopher and Nevis. It has the unique constitutional arrangement of being part of the Federal Parliament while having a separate parliament of its own and its own Nevis Island Administration headed by a Premier.
For more information about Nevis visit the website:


Nevis Tourism Authority P.O.Box 184, Main Street Charlestown, NEVIS. W.I Tel: 1 869 469 7550/1042 Fax: 1 869 469 7551 Website:

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