St. Barth

This arid, volcanic rock of just eight square miles is home to an eclectic mix of iguanas, night-blooming cactus, and fabulous beaches as well as luxury yachts, designer boutiques, and VIP’s. Peopled primarily by descendents of the original French settlers and transplanted Europeans, this is an island, officially named Saint Barthélemy, with a strong, independent personality. Through the vagaries of its history it became a duty-free port and more recently liberated itself from the administrative yoke of Guadeloupe. It is certainly the most unusual of the French West Indies islands.

While other Caribbean islands prospered thanks to large sugar cane plantations and slavery, Saint Barths—which became Swedish in 1784—flourished from commerce and contraband. Back under the French flag a century later (1878), the island maintained its penchant for business and also benefitted from the fiscal advantages allowed by Sweden. Saint Barthélemy eventually attracted international investors and tourism became the most important element of the local economy. In spite of their traditional values, the Saint Barths were able to negotiate the rapid transition to a modern lifestyle and the advent of tourism, without abandoning their destiny to strictly foreign development as might be true on other islands in the Antilles.

We are very pleased that we could resume flights to St Barts, but the immigration and health authorities have very strict entry requirements and travel regulations in place that travelers must comply with. Make sure you are up to date with these requirements before you travel! click here for the links to the authorities websites

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Useful Info

4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-4) during winter time and GMT-5 during summer time.

220 volt

French (many people speak English)


Emergency number
18 (Fire or ambulance), and (590-590) 27-60-12 for the Police


9,5 square miles

The country code of St. Barths is +590.

Most of the year St. Barths has a clear blue sky with some white clouds parade through it. From July to November this can be interrupted by a tropical storm, during the hurricane season.

Public Holidays
- January 1: New Year's Day
- Feb 8: Carnival
- Feb 10: Ash Wednesday
- March 20: Equinox
- March 25: Good Friday
- March 28: Easter Monday
- May 1: Labour Day
- May 5: Ascension of Jesus
- May 8: Victory Day
- May 15: Pantecote
- May 16: Whit Monday
- June 20: Solstice
- July 14: Bastille Day
- August 15: Assumption of Virgin Mary
- September 22: Equinox
- October 9: Abolition Day
- November 1: All Saints or Hallows Day
- November 11: Armistice Day
- December 25: Christmas Day
- December 26: Boxing Day

Airport Info

Gustaf III Airport

There aren’t facilities at the airport. Near the airport there are a couple of stores.

Free WiFi is available at the airport.

Airport taxis

Airport parking

Getting to the city
There are taxis available next to the airport.

Car rental
There are many car rental agencies at St. Barts.

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Travel Advisory

Travel Advisory

For all destinations the authorities have entry requirements in place. Make sure before you book/ travel to check most recent updates of your destinations authorities and you comply with those requirements!
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