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Discover Nevis

The written history of Nevis begins with the account recorded by Columbus when he sailed by Nevis in 1493. The name Nevis is derived from "Nuestra Senora de Las Nieves" which means "Our Lady of the Snows", because of the cloud capped mountain reminding Columbus of snow.
Prior to the Columbus saga, Nevis was named Dulcina "Sweet Island" by the Arawaks and later Oualie "Land of beautiful waters" by the Caribs.

Later in the 18 th century Nevis became known as "Queen of the Caribees." Evidence of pre-ceramic people finely crafted stone tools and intricately colored pottery found.

Nevis continued to be part of the British colonial holdings until 1967 when it achieved Associated Statehood with St. Kitts. In 1983 September 19, Nevis became part of an independent nation and form part of the sovereign democratic state of St. Christopher and Nevis. It has the unique constitutional arrangement of being part of the Federal Parliament while having a separate parliament of its own and its own Nevis Island Administration headed by a Premier.

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Useful Info

  • Time
    4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-4). Daylight Saving Time is not observed.

  • Electricity
    230 volt single phase supply, a 110 volt supply is available in most hotels

  • Language

  • Currency
    East Caribbean dollars (EC$), most stores will accept US$ or travelers’ checks.

  • Emergency number

  • Capital

  • Area
    36 square miles

  • Communication
    The area and country code for Nevis is 1-869.

  • Climate
    Nevis is hot and humid all year round, as it is a tropical island. From July to November Nevis is rainiest with 4 inches rain per month.

  • Public Holidays
    -January 1: New Year Day
    -January 2: Carnival Day
    -April 6: Good Friday
    -April 9: Easter Monday
    -May 3: Labour Day
    -May 28: Whit Monday
    -August 7: Emancipation Day
    -August 8: Culturama Day
    -September 16: National Heroes' Day
    -September 19: Independence Day
    -December 25: Christmas Day
    -December 26: Boxing Day

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  • Address
    Vance W. Amory International Airport

  • Facilities
    VIP Lounge Services available with wireless internet access and Cable TV, phone docking stations

  • Internet
    Complementary WiFi

  • Airport taxis
    Taxis are available at the airport and are not metered, but have fixed rates in EC$.

  • Airport parking
    There are taxis available near the airport.

  • Getting to the city
    The Island has a reliable public transportation system that consists of community buses.

  • Car rental
    There are different car rental agencies on the island.

Info is subject to change.
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