5 ways to celebrate Easter with your family this year

April 1, 2022
In many parts of the world spring is upon us. For centuries it has been a time of celebration of new life in many forms and religions. How ever the different cultures celebrate, it is most of all a time of togetherness and family.
There are only a few days left before Easter and you are certainly looking for ideas to enjoy with your family by organizing Easter activities.
There are many activities you can enjoy with your family and we have some great ideas for you to help you create memories with your family or friends.

1. Decorate an Easter egg tree

This is the perfect activity for kids and adults experiences decorating a tree with some spring and Easter decoration but most importantly with plastic Easter eggs. Your small tree can be outside or indoors depending on your preference.

2. Organize an egg hunt

Without an egg hunt, Easter would not be Easter! During the Easter vacations, you should have an egg hunt for your children for their greatest joy. And even for the adults it is so much fun to hide decorated hard-boiled eggs or chocolates in the shape of eggs in your house or/and in your garden if you have one. You can have this egg hunt with neighborhood children or cousins for even more fun.

3. Dye & decorate Easter eggs

Get creative and enjoy the moment with your kids by painting Easter eggs, you can decorate and dye it as you wish. Here are the steps to follow to make your own egg (with lots of fun, I hope):
- Clean your egg then make a small hole with a needle, at each end of the egg
- Blow into one of the two holes to get the contents of the egg out through the other hole into a bowl.
- Rinse the inside of the egg with water and let it dry for a few hours
- While you wait, how about you scramble the contents of the egg and enjoy some ‘Huevos Revuelto con Salchicha’ … or simply put Scrambled Eggs Puerto Rican Style
- Get out the paint, the egg is now ready to be decorated.

4. Egg and Spoon Race

You’ll love this, this activity involved the adults as well.
You’ll just need a hard-boiled eggs and spoons for the participants of the race. Set a parkour with a start and finish line, the goal of the race is to get to the finish line while carrying the egg on the spoon without dropping the egg. Obviously, you are not allowed to touch the egg at any point of the race.

5. Celebrate Easter in Puerto Rico

¡Felices Pascuas! That’s Happy Easter in Spanish… have a great family getaway to San Juan and discover the island’s wonderful Easter celebrations. For many Puerto Ricans, Easter is in fact, the biggest holiday of the year. During Easter they mark the beginning of spring, by typically having get-togethers at the beaches, cooking, partying, playing sports and games.
For a more culturally enriching experience, visit one of the many Catholic churches on Easter Sunday.

Traveling to Puerto Rico during the Easter holiday can be a wonderful, fun and enriching experience. So why not choose to visit San Juan, Puerto Rico this spring…



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