Customer Experience Survey

December 31, 2021
When you traveled with us this last quarter, you might have received an email request to let us know how your experience was. And you could choose to enter our survey raffle to win a $100 gift voucher.

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The winner of our November raffle was Karen!
Karen gave us an 8. A good overall rating, which we were very happy to hear.

She did have a comment regarding delayed baggage;
"While we realize that luggage may not be on the plane due to weight. The last time one of our suitcases was delayed - this time both were delayed....."

It does indeed happen that weight and balance, safety reasons prevent us from loading all the checked in baggage. Unfortunately we can't prevent this, often due to safety considerations and take-off and landing restrictions. Some of our destinations airports and runways can offer challenges even with the slightest weather changes. We have always put the safety of our crew and passengers as top priority and will continue to do so!

And the winner of our December raffle was Sonia!

Sonia gave us a wonderful rating of 9.5, but had the following comment:

"The only issue I had was that my boarding passes for connecting flights were not provided. So when I arrived in Sint Martin I had to exit, go back to Departures, get boarding passes, go through security again. Luckily, I had a long layover and had the time."

Our answer to this is that boarding passes for connecting flights, our agents can’t always provide boarding passes from other airlines you connect with at your departure check in.
Only when connecting to another Winair flight and Interline (with e-ticketing agreement) or Code Share passengers have ‘one’ ticket including the airline connecting to or from Winair and can have the boarding passes and luggage checked thru to the final destination.
As we are aware of the inconvenience and time-consuming process for passengers, Winair always does its best to get interline agreements with Airlines that frequent destinations that we serve, and we will continue our efforts to add more airlines as interline partners. Here you can find the current airlines: info/connecting-flights-9

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