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Winair provides private charters to any destination in the North Eastern Caribbean.
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All flight operated by Winair are exclusively with twin engine aircraft (DHC 6-300) and two pilots. Tell us your needs and we will provide you with:

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Travel Advisory

Due to the global outbreak of the Covid-19 Corona virus and travel restrictions currently in place, WINAIR has discontinued all scheduled flights until April 6, 2020, but has the ability to perform charter services 7 days a week from 8am to 5pm, provided that the current protocols permit the requested flight.

We will advise you on this website of any resumption of flights as soon as destinations will allow travel after April 6, 2020. Keep in mind that certain preventative measures can apply and strict requirements and travel regulations stipulated by authorities will have to be complied to, therefor we urge you to check with the destinations’ authorities before booking your ticket.

We at Winair take the public health alerts and travel restriction of our destinations seriously and will do all possible in assisting in the decrease of the spread of this virus. We are confident that we will resume operations and we remain committed to serving you with resilience and dedication.

We thank you for your confidence in choosing Winair.
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