Discover San Juan

Established in 1521, San Juan is the second-oldest European-founded settlement in the Americas and the oldest under US jurisdiction. Shoehorned onto a tiny islet that guards the entrance to San Juan harbor, the old town was inaugurated almost a century before the Mayflower laid anchor in present-day Massachusetts, and is now a historic wonderland that juxtaposes historical authenticity with pulsating modern energy.
Beyond its timeworn 15ft-thick walls, San Juan is far more than a collection of well-polished colonial artifacts – it’s also a mosaic of ever-evolving neighborhoods such as Santurce, which has a raw vitality fueled by galleries, superb restaurants and a bar scene that takes over the streets at night.

Useful Info

  • Time
    4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-4). Daylight Saving Time is not observed.

  • Electricity
    110 volts

  • Language
    Spanish, English and French

  • Currency
    US dollar

  • Emergency number

  • Capital
    San Juan

  • Area
    3.515 square miles

  • Communication
    The country code for Puerto Rico is +1-787.

  • Climate
    The average annual temperature in Puerto Rico is 26⁰C. The high-season is between December – April and July – August. During the annual hurricane season from July – December you can expect tropical storms

  • Public Holidays
    - Jan 1: New Year's Day
    - Jan 6: Epiphany
    - Jan 18: Martin Luther King Jr Day
    - Feb 9: Carnival
    - Feb 14: Valentine's Day
    - Feb 15: Presidents' Day
    - March 20: Equinox
    - March 22: Emancipation Day
    - March 25: Good Friday
    - March 27: Easter
    - May 8: Mothers' Day
    - May 30: Memorial Day
    - June 19: Fathers' Day
    - June 20: June Solstice
    - July 4: US Independence Day
    - July 25: Constitution Day
    - Sept 5: Labor Day
    - Sept 22: Equinox
    - October 12: Columbus Day
    - Nov 11: Veterans Day
    - Nov 19: Discovery Day
    - Nov 24: Thanksgiving
    - Dec 21: Solstice
    - Dec 24: Christmas Eve
    - Dec 25: Christmas Day
    - Dec 31: New Year's Eve

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  • Address
    Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport

  • Facilities
    San Juan airport has several facilities in the terminal building such as: a hotel, barber shop, beauty salons, souvenir and duty free shops, a bank and many ATMs.

  • Internet
    Wi-Fi is available in some café’s and restaurants.

  • Airport taxis
    There are fixed rates to different places.

  • Airport parking
    Multi-level parking charged at hourly rates is available 24 hours a day. American Parking Systems provides long-term parking options.

  • Getting to the city
    Taxis and busses are available, located in front of the airport.

  • Car rental
    There are different car rental agencies near the airport.

Info is subject to change.
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