Discover St. Eustatius

Nature on St. Eustatius, Statia, as it is affectionately called, is unique. This island is one of the Netherlands Antilles. The St.Eustatius National Parks protect the high biodiversity and unique tropical ecosystems present on both land and sea. The total protected area covers 33 square kilometers, almost twice the size of the island itself.

The national parks system was initiated in 1996 to protect the pristine coral reefs, century old shipwrecks, and fragile rainforest and woodland on the slopes, as well as the crater, of the dormant volcano “The Quill”. Take your time and enjoy the natural beauty of our tropical island. Statia Marine Park is one of the top five sites in the Caribbean in terms of healthy corals and fish populations.

pictures copyright: St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation

Useful Info

  • Time
    4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-4). Daylight Saving Time is not observed.

  • Electricity
    110 volts

  • Language
    Dutch (English and Spanish)

  • Currency
    U.S. dollars

  • Emergency number

  • Capital

  • Area
    12.36 square miles

  • Communication
    The local telephone company is the St. Eustatius Telephone Company N.V. Colourful CaribTel calling cards are for sale starting at NAF 18 or $US10. Cards can be bought at the Post Office at Fiscal Road and can be used in most public telephones on the island. Internet access is also available on the island. To call Statia from the U.S. or Canada:
    1. dial 011 (the international access code)
    2. 599 (the country code for the Netherlands Antilles),
    3. 318 (the area code for Statia) and the 4-digit local number.

  • Climate
    St. Eustatius/Statia is generally dry and sunny. The northeast trade winds bring constant cool breezes and sufficient moisture to keep the average temperature down to about 27⁰C. The average night temperature is about 23⁰C. Rainfall occurs mainly during the months of April, June and September.

  • Public Holidays
    - January 1: New Years Day
    - March 25: Good Friday
    - March 27: Easter
    - March 28: Easter Monday
    - April 27: King’s Birthday
    - May 1: Labour Day
    - May 5: Ascension Day
    - May 15: Whit Sunday
    - November 16: St. Eustatius Flag Day
    - December 15: Kingdoms Day
    - December 25: Christmas Day
    - December 26: Second Christmas Day

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  • Address
    F.D. Roosevelt Airport, Oranjestad, Caribbean Netherlands

  • Facilities
    There are no services at this small airport.

  • Internet
    There is no WiFi avalaible.

  • Airport taxis
    Taxis are available next to the airport.

  • Airport parking
    There is a possibility to park your car near the airport.

  • Getting to the city
    Taxis are available.

  • Car rental
    There are different car rental agencies on the island.

Info is subject to change.
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