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Traveling to or from St. Barths?
Experience high standards in comfort, discretion and time management – regardless of your airline or booking class.
We offer a variety of services, all of which aim to make your travel & transit experience as pleasant, relaxing and efficient as possible.

VIP Request


  • Arrival
    Connecting flights
    & transfers
    We pick you up directly at your arrival gate at St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana International Airport and, if you have chosen the option to enjoy the exclusive atmosphere of the Airport VIP room, we escort you there, where you can relax and freshen up.

    When it is time to board your connecting flight, we accompany you to our Departure Gate and say goodbye to you there as you travel on to your final destination, where our partner VIP Service will greet you.
  • Departure
    Relaxed and assisted
    If you chose the option to have your luggage picked up, our partner VIP Service company will meet you at your location to pick up your luggage upon departure. At the airport you will be assisted through the check-in and departure process.

    We escort you to either the Airport VIP room, should you have chosen this option and time permits, where you can relax until it is time to board and we’ll accompany you to your departure gate or we escort you straight through to your departure gate, where we say goodbye to you as you travel onward to your final destination.
  • Tailored
    to your needs
    If you have specific needs and requirements, let us know and we shall ensure to accommodate you! We look forward to welcoming you to our Airports!
Our VIP Plus Service staff aim please and to accommodate the customers individual wishes and will assist discreetly and competently.


VIP Services

1 VIP passenger $132 *
2 VIP passengers $198 *
3 VIP passengers $341 *
4-6 VIP passengers $462 *
6-8 VIP passengers $528 *
Per each additional VIP passenger $55 *

* Prices indicated per trip

Additional Services

Access to PJIAE VIP room $132 *
Pre paid excess baggage $198 *
Baggage pickup and delivery $341 *
Book to earlier flight $462 *
Booking change fee < 24hrs in adv. $50 *

* Prices indicated per trip

Third party services

Third party services such as hotel bookings, car rental, prices are upon request and will include 20% administration costs.

Our Partner VIP

We work with our airport service partner Five Star VIP Services. Five Star Airport Services - Ground Handling