VIP Plus
Terms & Conditions

1. General

These general terms and conditions apply exclusively to Winair VIP Plus Handing Services contracts for services that are provided by Winair VIP Plus or organized by Winair VIP Plus on behalf of the client.

2. Reservation

Services shall be booked at the latest 24 hours in advance. Bookings made less than 24 hrs in advance are not accepted. The client shall provide all information necessary for the provision of services. Reservation requests are generally accepted by e-mail or by fax. The client will receive confirmation of the reservation by email or fax. The contract shall came into effect upon confirmation of the reservation with Winair VIP Plus. Winair VIP Plus reserves the right to cancel the reservation on important grounds without incurring liability for damages, in particular in the event of an emergency.

3. Services offered by Winair VIP Plus

The services are offered by Winair VIP Plus according the Winair VIP Plus price list as published at the time of booking. They include services for arriving or departing clients and transit clients. The client must follow established check-in procedures and gate closure time at the airport as specified by respective airline. Winair VIP Plus may refuse its service in case of late arrival by client at the designated place of reception; in such case no refund is granted.

4. Special Services

Winair VIP Plus can also arrange Special Services as requested by the client such as executive lounge access, rental car services etc. Winair VIP Plus is not responsible for special services provided by third parties and shall not be held liable for any consequences of such services or missed services.

5. Changes, cancellations and no-shows

The client shall inform Winair VIP Plus immediately of any changes or cancellations. For last minute changes or cancellations (less the 24 hours before arrival or departure of the flight) Winair VIP Plus shall be entitled to charge a fee based on the order value. No refund will be given for cancelations made less than 12 hours before arrival or departure of the flight or are not utilized (no-show) Likewise, any special services will not be refunded.

6. Payment terms

Payment shall be made in US$ by credit card and shall be due upon booking. The credit card will be charged upon confirmation of the booking. All payment is required to be done in advance.

7. Responsibilities of the Client

The client remains fully responsible for his/her personal belongings during the entire time the service is provided. The client remains fully responsible to follow all applicable security, customs and immigration regulations.

8. Liability

Winair VIP Plus shall not be liable for negligence, nor for negligence of its employees or associates, not shall it be liable for any indirect or consequential damage. Winair VIP Plus shall not be liable for incorrect information supplied to Winair VIP Plus, for flight delays and for third party acts or omissions including airlines, security and border control authorities, ground handlers and for situations that occurred beyond of our control. For services of third parties instructed at the request of the client, Winair VIP Plus shall for third party.

9. Winair website

The Winair website contains links to third party websites. Winair shall not be liable for the content of third party websites or for damages incurred by clients as a result of accessing third party websites. Third party websites shall be consulted exclusively at the risk of and to the benefit of the client.

10. Data protection

Winair reserves the right to contact the client’s airline in order to align its booking information with that of Winair Plus VIP Services. The client authorizes Winair Plus to obtain any required information from the airline.

11. Governing Law and place of jurisdiction

The contract shall be governed by the Law of St. Maarten.