WINAIR resumes services to CURACAO and ARUBA from St. MAARTEN

Simpson Bay/ Willemstad - WINAIR is pleased to resume our services to CURACAO and ARUBA from St. MAARTEN and vice versa, our first flight to CURACAO and ARUBA from our hub in St. MAARTEN will be December 21st , just in time for that Christmas and New Year’s special event.

WINAIR will operate three flights weekly Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday offering the frequency our customers appreciate and are accustomed to. Our flights are timed to depart and arrive offering the utmost convenience to our customers whether their destination is CURACAO, ARUBA or St. MAARTEN.

The ability for our customers traveling through to ARUBA will avoid any overnight stay in CURACAO and the additional expense of using multiple airlines, WINAIR’s flights are through flights and will get our customers to AURBA via CURACAO the same day.
Our prices are competitive, our safe, and reliable services are well known to our customers, “We get you there and beyond”

WINAIR’s return to ARUBA and CURACAO is an important first step in the rebuilding of WINAIR’s route network during the pandemic which has caused hardship to our customer’s and employee’s.
WINAIR is excited to reintroduce our services to our sister islands of CURACAO and ARUBA, we remain one family.

For further information or to make your reservations on WINAIR’s newest flights to CURACAO and ARUBA, we invite you to book your ticket on this web site or at your favorite travel agents.

WINAIR is delighted to offer these services in conjunction with our partner Air Antilles based in Guadeloupe, utilizing state of the art ATR aircraft with a capacity of 44 customers. We thank you for your business and the ability to welcome back onboard your WINAIR flight!

Travel Advisory

St. Maarten Government has announced the opening of our border on July 1, 2020. For a current overview of our schedule, we will implement based on the opening of borders of our destinations, click here.

In case you need more flexibility WINAIR offers charter services 7 days a week from 8am to 5pm, provided that the current protocols permit the requested flight.

Keep in mind that certain preventative measures can apply and strict requirements and travel regulations stipulated by authorities will have to be complied to, therefore we urge you to check with the destinations' authorities before booking your ticket.

We at WINAIR take the public health alerts and travel restriction of our destinations seriously and will do all possible in assisting in the decrease of the spread of this virus. We are confident that we will resume operations and we remain committed to serving you with resilience and dedication. If you would like to familiarize yourself with WINAIR's new sanitation protocols and boarding procedures, please click here.

We thank you for your confidence in choosing Winair.
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