Winair’s flight caught in the middle

On Tuesday December 05, 2017 Winair’s flight 807 originating from Curacao to Haiti and St. Maarten got caught in an unfortunate situation

due to an issue between Haiti Airport authority and the lessor of our MD-80.

Winair utilizes an MD-80 through a ACMI lease agreement for its flight to between Curacao, Haiti and St. Maarten and has scheduled flights Curacao-Haiti-St. Maarten-Curacao on Tuesday and Curacao-St. Maarten-Haiti-Curacao on Saturday.

Winair’s flight 807 was grounded by the Haitian Airport Authority due to outstanding payments of our lessor. Being caught in the middle of this situation Winair has been mediating vigorously to resolve the issue, but unfortunately had to cancel the flights for Tuesday.

Winair sincerely apologizes to her customers for this inconvenience, we will do our utmost to accommodate our passengers the best we can and have them continue their journey as soon as possible.